Access websites using your cryptpto wallet instead of a password

What better way to celebrate World Password Day (May 7) than with a new solution from the crypto mouth to prevent insecure passwords and phishing attacks?

The lnurl-auth protocol allows users to access multiple accounts by receiving a QR code with a special message. This allows them to use a public key linked to their wallets to obtain a unique key that is only compatible with the domain they are trying to access. This key would authenticate that they are the owners of the account.

The ransom maze group hacked two plastic surgeons

Podcaster Marty Bent said the system meant that websites no longer had to search for their information in a central database that was vulnerable to hacking:

„No more remembering unique passwords for separate sites. They no longer need to create unique email addresses for different services. You no longer have to worry that the website you interact with will steal your data. Bitcoin Rush Scam, Bitcoin Gemini Scam, Bitcoin Champion Scam, Crypto Cash Scam, Bitcoin Investor Scam. You have pure, independent control over your online accounts. No usernames, passwords or identifying information except the public key you receive upon registration.


Police officers in Venezuela arrested suspected Bitcoin hacker

Advice for the present, not the future
This is something to look forward to, but until it becomes widespread, you will need to find other ways to keep your passwords safe.

According to a survey conducted by Proofpoint’s State of the Phish Report, 44% of respondents in the U.S. used a password manager – a protocol that stores passwords and can be entered into forms as needed – for their online accounts, well above the global average of 23%.

Crispin Kerr of Proofpoint said password managers are the most secure option:

„…we’ve found that many [users] tend to reuse passwords or not change them regularly because password management is inconvenient. In addition, many find it difficult to remember the increasingly complex passwords for the many online services they use today. These include things like access to the corporate intranet, bank accounts, accounts for streaming services, accounts for government services, and so on. For these reasons, we strongly recommend a password manager“.

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