Snowden gave his opinion about Bitcoin and his current rally

Former U.S. CIA agent Edward Snowden has spoken out on several occasions about the advantages of using Bitcoin.

The persecuted and exiled American Edward Snowden, gave his opinion about the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin. This is not the first time that the former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), refers to the potential of the pioneering cryptomon currency.

In a brief message on his Twitter social network account, the exile wrote „One word: Bitcoin. This is one of the many reactions that cryptomoney has provoked in the face of the current milestone it has reached, reaching its historical maximum price.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s value stands at $23,700, leaving behind a record of 2017. Some claim that the price of cryptomoney could reach 30,000 before 2021, after a correction that could be seen as a buying opportunity and trigger the value of Bitcoin again.

Why is Snowden speaking out in favor of Bitcoin?

Although Snowden’s statement about Bitcoin was brief, it caused a stir among his followers on the networks. As stated, this isn’t the first time the former CIA agent has referred to Bitcoin as a tool to escape state control.

On March 13, 2020, Snowden commented on his intentions to invest money for 1k Daily Profit in Bitcoin. „This is the first time in a long time that I feel like buying Bitcoins. That fall was based on panic and has little reason to be,“ he wrote at the time.

It should be remembered that, at the time, Bitcoin’s price hit rock bottom as a result of the WHO’s announcement of the pandemic. It was not only the leading cryptomoney that suffered a sharp drop, but all the American, Asian and European markets.

Sales pressure on Bitcoin, due to nervousness, caused its price to drop to $3,600. This became an unprecedented buying opportunity, as in a short time the price started to rise. Less than 10 months later, Bitcoin is over $23,000.

Growing Crypto Interest from the Exile

After denouncing aspects related to the violation of human rights by the United States, Snowden fled the country. Since then, he has been in exile in the Russian Federation where he enjoys the protection of the Eurasian nation.

Since then, in various interviews, he has expressed his growing interest in cryptology. One chapter worth mentioning was during the Bitcoin 2019 Conference, in which the persecuted man assured that all the leaks of CIA documents he made were paid for with Bitcoin.

In 2018, Snowden also gave his opinion about another aspect of Bitcoin, this time about the digital mining of that cryptomone. „The reward for mining a round that was once worth a few cents is now $100,000,“ he said. He added that this is a „reasonable business“.

The persecution against Snowden could come to an end, following a possible amnesty by outgoing President Donald Trump. Although the certainty of this information has not yet been confirmed, the pardon would also cover Julian Assange and Ross Ulbricht.

Data to take into consideration

  • The former CIA agent, now exiled in Russia, has not hidden his sympathies with cryptomonies.
  • Snowden said a couple of years ago that Bitcoin mining is one of the most reasonable businesses.
  • The former agent also revealed a few years ago that the leaked documents for which he became famous were paid for with Bitcoin.
  • There are rumors that outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump might forgive this politically persecuted man.